Palm Springs Wedding Coordinator

Working with a Palm Springs based Wedding Coordinator is potentially one way to save a lot of money if you need help planning your wedding.

Palm Springs wedding planners  often charge up to 20% of your gross budget with a set minimum of $3,500+. Why? Because even a very good wedding planner will spend upward of 70 hours thinking about and planning your wedding.

As long time local wedding coordinators, Joyful Weddings & Events has developed a vast list of go-to vendors. Clients often hire Joyful Wedding & Events coordinators so that they can tap into a source of in-depth knowledge and save money while doing most of the planning themselves.

Having plan “B” and even plan “C” can be critical to the success of your wedding.  When a baker once showed up drunk as a skunk with his “leaning tower of pizza” wedding cake a Joyful Weddings day of coordinator knew which local grocery store had frozen sheet cakes, strawberries, and whipped cream to save the day.